Allow Members and Guests to Book Spa Appointments with Book4Time in Our Latest Integration

With our latest integration to Book4Time, we provide real-time availability, crm sync and more to provide the best experience possible for your members and guests.

With our integration to Book4Time, we provide a seamless experience for your members and guests to book a time whether it be a spa appointment, yoga instructor or another amazing amenity, you can configure it in Peoplevine to leverage our permissions, your custom member experience and capture important data to their profile.

To get started integrating Peoplevine to Book4Time, you will need your API Token, Account Token and Location ID.  Once you've identified these, login to your Peoplevine account and under the Company Menu go to Integrated Platforms. 

Click on Book4Time and enter your details.

Book4Time should provide you with the API Token and Account Token.  We do need you to assist with the additional information:

  • Location ID: This can be obtained by following these steps:

    1) In Book4Time go to Admin and click on Account Management

    2) On the left hand side go to Locations and find your location. Right click it and Copy Link Address

    3) The Location ID will be appended to the URL

  • Guest Type ID: You can use an existing or setup one for Members:

    1) In Book4Time go to Admin and click on System Settings.

    2) On the left hand side click on Appointment Settings and nthen Guest Types

    3) If you have an existing Guest Type you'd like to use, you can leverage it, otherwise scroll down and enter the following:

    4) Enter the Short Code as the Guest Type ID and our system will automatically convert it.

  • Tender Type ID: You will need to set this up as such:

    1) In Book4Time go to Admin and click on System Settings

    2) Click on POS Settings and then Tender Types on the left hand menu.

    3) Click on Add New Tender Type

    4) Set the Tender Name to Peoplevine Payment on File and type of Other.  Make sure you check Allow for payments, Print charge authorization receipt and Allow for guarantee booking.

    5) Once you add it, find your Tender Type in the list and then right-click the Edit button and copy the link address.

    The URL will be appended with a numerical ID that we will need to enter in the Tender ID field.
  • Request Type ID: This can be ignored or you can obtain from Book4Time

Once you've activated your account (or updated the connection), we'll sync the avaialble Services in Book4Time and setup as schedulers in Peoplevine for members to book, along with doing an inital sync of your member database.

In the future, you can come back to Book4Time connection to re-sync members during a specific time period.

These options enable you to:

  • automatically configure the schedulers including linking the config between Peoplevine and Book4Time
  • sync your member database with their system
  • push individual updates as data and membership changes

Now that we're connected, you'll be able to provide real-time availability to your members, keep your member database insync with Book4Time and more to come.

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